Flourless Pancakes

This is the recipe that started everything. I had been wanting to make a change for ages. I was binge eating, then restricting, then binge eating again. I didn’t know how to break the cycle. One of my biggest weaknesses has always been carbs. All of my favourite things contained carbs: pizza, pasta, bread, cake, chocolate, … And even though I often felt bloated, sluggish, and got stomach aches, I didn’t think I could live without them. Of course I’d heard of substitutes but I didn’t think I would like them.

Then one day, I read about flourless pancakes. I don’t remember where I heard about them, now. And I was sceptical at first. I love pancakes. I remember how my grandma used to make them for lunch. Big, thin pancakes that were somewhere between Crépes and American pancakes. You’d fill them with whatever you wanted and rolled them up into delicious tubes that you would eat with a knife and fork in front of your grandparents, but pick up with both hands and bite into when no one was looking. They were the first thing I learned to  cook. I soon figured out the perfect ratio between eggs, flour, and milk. Those three ingredients were what pancakes were all about. The thought of cutting out two of them was discomforting.

But one morning I tried it. I woke up feeling motivated to be healthier. The recipe called for 1 banana and 2 eggs. It sounded simple enough. I mashed up the banana. I mixed in the eggs. I heated up some oil in a pan. I spooned some of the mixture into the pan and waited. When I thought it was time to flip I slid the spatula underneath the pancake, lifted it up, and … it broke. I was a little discouraged. But I finished cooking the remnants of my pancake, transferred them to a plate, and started anew. I made the second pancake much smaller than the first one and this time it stayed whole. While I was making the pancakes, I started thinking about what I was gonna eat them with. In the past I’d eaten pancakes with sugar and cinnamon, maple syrup, jam, and most notably, nutella. Obviously, those toppings were not going to work seeing as I was trying to be healthy. I  did, however, have a glass of unsweetend apple sauce in my fridge which I thought would work quite well. When I had finished making the pancakes, I spooned some of the apple sauce on my little stack of pancakes and took my first bite. They didn’t taste exactly like pancakes, but I was really positively surprised with the texture. I took another bite, and realised that I really liked them.

I know this all sounds really dramatic, but to me it kind of was. Maybe not so much in the moment. But looking back, it was the first step on my journey to a healthier, happier life. I’m not nearly at the end of that journey. But every day I’m trying a little harder. And I’m learning a lot. And I’d like to share some of that. So I started this blog. I will be writing about my journey and posting my favourite low-carb recipes and cheat meals.

So here’s my flourless pancake recipe.

1 portion of pancakes including chia seeds and coconut oil contains:

314 kcal  25g carbs  19g fat  15g protein

Ingredients (1 portion)

1 banana

2 eggs

1 tsp. chia seeds (optional)

1 tsp. coconut oil

nut butter or other topping of your choice


How to

  1. Peel the banana and tear it into a few pieces. Place the pieces into a small bowl and mash them with a fork. Don’t worry about a few small chunks. wsxaFullSizeRender
  2. Mix in the eggs with the fork until they are combined well with the banana.                                                                             jr
  3. Stir in the chia seeds and let the mix stand for about ten minutes to give the chia seeds some time to expand. You don’t have to add chia seeds, the pancakes work without them. However, I find they thicken up the mixture a bit and add a nice crunch.
  4. Heat a bit of the coconut oil in a pan. You can use any other oil, although I wouldn’t reccomend olive oil due to its strong taste.
  5. You want the pan to be quite hot so the pancake “batter” doesn’t run if you want the pancakes to be on the thicker side. The heat of my hobs ranges from 1 to 9 and I switch between 6 and 7 while i make the pancakes. You’ll know it’s too hot when the pancakes brown too quickly and not hot enough when they come out very flat. Don’t stress too much about the first pancake. I find it never comes out well, even with normal pancakes.
  6. Use about 1-2 tbsp of batter for one pancake. You want to keep them small so they don’t break. Trust me.
  7. Cook on one side until you are able to flip it. The top shouldn’t be runny anymore. I find this takes about 2 minutes. Then flip, and cook for another 1-2 minutes on the other side. I’ve found that a plastic spatula works best for flipping as it tends to slide underneath the pancake better than wood or metal.                                                                                                                                                                IMG_3561
  8. Choose your topping(s). I love using nut butters like peanut, almond, or hazelnut butter. Get yourself a nut butter that’s 100% nuts for the purest taste and least carbs. I like to soften a tbsp of nut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds so I can pour it over my stack of pancakes. Alternatively , blended fruit or quark make great, healthy toppings.


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